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Calculate Poker Odds

Why Calculate Poker Odds?

Poker is game of chance where the cards you are dealt can make or break your chip stack, but with a bit of math you can learn a bit about what to expect from the cards. Based on the rules of the game–the number of cards, the limited set of hand rankings etc.–you can glean some information about what the likely outcome is. This information is called odds. Odds aren't magical or mysterious. Odds are statistical ratios that give you the expected probabilities of something happening. It is very useful in poker, because the whole game, if played correctly, tries to predict the outcome and allow for the best decisions to be made. There are a couple different types of poker odds which we will take a look at: hand odds and pot odds.

Hand odds

Hand odds are the odds of you getting any particular hand. If you are playing texas holdem you have two cards in your hand. These two cards determine what your odds are. If you have two cards of the same suit, the odds of you making a flush are greater than if they are not suited. Knowing the odds of making hands is essential for a poker player. It is one of the first things to consider when deciding what action to take at the poker table. Hand odds become doubly important when you start thinking about what your opponent may be holding, and what their odds are too.

Pot odds

Pot odds use all the information about hand odds and compare it to the ratio between the size of a bet and the size of the pot. If the chances of making the best hand is greater than the ratio between the bet and pot, then it is usually a good idea to call, because you are getting a good price. If the bet is small enough it can be correct to call almost any hand with a draw, just because the price is so good.

Software that Calculate Poker Odds For You

Calculatem Pro can calculate both types of odds immediately, accurately and automatically. By reading the information available directly from the table, Calculatem Pro crunches all the numbers so that you can focus on more interesting or important aspects of the poker hand. Your poker odds are ready for you when you need it the most, and using Calculatem Pro can take your game to the next level.
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