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Online Poker Tips

All over the world poker players are grabbing on to their mice and clicking furiously to join the fray of online poker. Players of every skill level, from complete beginner, to seasoned poker veterans, are all joining up to get in on the action. As with any skill it is important to practice, as practice makes perfect, or hopefully makes your bankroll grow at least, but there are a couple things to take into consideration when playing poker online that can really improve your game. Online poker tips coming up!

Auto-buttons and multitabling

One of the first things that one notices when playing online poker is that you cannot act out of turn, no matter how hard you click! Instead, there are usually a number of buttons or checkboxes that let you automatically fold, or call or raise or check, depending on the action ahead of you. You may be tempted to use these functions, but don't! The situation has often changed by the time the action gets to you, especially when playing full-ring. You can often see players instantly folding as the dealer when no one else has called, even though the dealer is in a great position to take advantage and steal the blinds or at least see a flop.


People often use those functions because they are playing a lot of tables at once. This is often a great way to keep from nodding off during a slow game of limit hold em, but instead of playing 20 tables at once, it is often better to play a small number of tables that you can focus completely on. Observing how your opponents are playing–like how long they take to make decisions, or how large their bet sizes are compared to the pot–can really help you stay focused as well. You will play better poker by being aware of your opponents and you will be able to avoid situations where an auto action throws away a good opportunity.


Another great online poker tip is to use some of the software tools that are available to assist poker players. Odds calculators like Calculatem Pro can give poker players a real edge by calculating all the hand and and pot odds for the player. With all the information right in front of you, it is even easier to focus on your opponents' actions and tendencies, because there is no need to calculate the odds yourself! Find out more about Calculatem Pro at
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