The Benefits of the Pot odds calculator

Why do you need a pot odds calculator? The basis of Texas hold'em is the odds game. Do I have the right pot odds to call this bet? How likely am I to make my flush? What range of hands can I put my opponent on and what percentage of them can I beat? These calculations are not always easy to make, but they are critical to success in Texas hold'em, especially no-limit Texas hold'em.

How the Pot odds calculator Helps You

Downloading a pot odds calculator to your computer can make all the difference in the world. Once you have the software, you can add it to your favorite online poker site where you play your Texas hold'em. Then play your preferred game while the calculator does all the hard pot odds calculations for you.

What the Pot odds calculator Tells You

The pot odds calculator instantly determines how many outs you have to make whatever hand you are going for, along with a rough estimate of how likely you are to win the hand. It constantly calculates your outs for you and can even offer advice on whether the mathematically sound play is to call, raise or fold. The poker software can be adjusted to your preferred style of play, whether you are a tight deliberate Texas holdem player or a loose adventurous type who likes to mix it up.

The Pot odds calculator and Your Results

An odds calculator is no substitute to thoughtful skilled play. However, it can be a great supplement to your current repertoire of poker skills and can make a real impact on your results.

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What our Customers Say:

"Using a poker odds calculator that doesn't have pot odds is like missing the last page in a how-to book. You've got the basics, but what you really need to play good poker - pot odds - completes the puzzle. CalculatemPro™ simply changes everything."
– Dennis Johnson, Waverly, Massachusetts

"Calculatem Pro™ has saved me time and time again from throwing away cards I ended up taking a big pot with. Watching my cards play out even after I folded really let it sink in how much I was wasting not playing the pot odds. Not any more..."
– Craig Shepherd, Seoul, South Korea

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